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Whole Body Cryotherapy is a systematic anti-inflamitory treatment involving skin exposure to ultra-low temperatures for a brief, controlled time. We are here to help you achieve the recovery and results that you have been looking for. Our top of the line cryosauna can help with a number of sports recovery processes as well as help with your overall health and wellness. Let us freeze you into better health!

Under new Phase 1 Sports management! Come in today and try out our ultimate state of the art recovery system. We are located right off the 15 Freeway and Blue Diamond exit facing the 15! Only 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and McCarren Airport.

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    • 10 MAY 16
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    Why Whole Body Cryotherapy is More Effective than Ice Baths

    Ice Baths have been used regularly in professional and amateur sports for the rehabilitation of athletic injuries.  The Ice Bath affects the body in a completely different way than does Whole Body Cryotherapy.  The Cryosauna has been shown to be more beneficial, more convenient and has no negative side effects.    So what are the differences between