West Flamingo Senior Center visits SubZero Recovery Cryotherapy!

Senior Center

This past Tuesday (May 17, 2016) the West Flamingo Senior Center came in to visit SubZero Recovery on a scheduled field trip. The seniors visiting wanted to learn more about cryotherapy, the process behind it, and how they could benefit from it. SubZero Recovery owner David Levi spoke with the group about specific ailments that they were suffering from. In particular some of the seniors were interested in how cryotherapy helps with arthritis, joint pain, and if they were able to do whole body cryotherapy with high blood pressure.

Whole Body Cryotherapy was first created in the 1970’s to particularly help with the chronic pain associated with arthritis. The endocrine system is stimulated by the intense cold, and releases a whole host of chemicals including anti–inflammatory markers and pain-relieving hormones. The body also releases feel-good endorphins and adrenaline to help the body in repairing injury. Cryotherapy not only alleviates pain but also reduces medication and thus possible side effects. Eight of the twenty seniors visiting decided to give the whole body cryosauna a go, and saw amazing results! They saw immediate relief in joint pain and stiffness, which gave them much greater mobility. There were a number of seniors who were unable to try the whole body chamber because of their high blood pressure. SubZero Recovery had the perfect solution to that problem which was localized cryotherapy.

With localized cryotherapy SubZero Recovery was able to freeze four different seniors that suffered from high blood pressure. In particular, they had local cryotherapy done on their knees, and hands (pain from arthritis). All four loved the treatments and had a much easier time walking out of the building than they did walking in! Overall, the West Flamingo Senior Center saw huge benefits in a technology they were unfamiliar with and unaccustomed to. Many of them plan to make cryotherapy a part of their regular routine to help manage chronic pain.