Top NBA Rookies: Floyd Mayweather Gave Us The Cold Shoulder … In Cryo-Training

Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell

What do you do in Vegas when you have a couple million dollars but you’re too young to get into any casinos?

If you’re NBA rookies Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell you spend your days doing some seriously frosty training cues from the sports king of Vegas … Floyd Mayweather.

Towns and Russell — the top picks in this year’s draft — took a break from the NBA summer league recently and visited Floyd at his TMT gym to grab some pointers on being a superstar pro athlete.

Mayweather did more than just talk to the pair of pups … he brought them to SubZero Recovery — the state of the art cryo-lab he uses to bounce back during training … and actually put the guys in the freezer.

The Cryo sessions last 90 seconds to 3 minutes … and according to the guys at SZR, it helps to enrich blood, expel toxins and other cool stuff that helps to heal the body.
Welcome to the big leagues boys.

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