Floyd Mayweather Jr. utilizes high-tech cryosauna (CBS Sports)

By Sean Wagner-McGough (CBS SPORTS)

It looks like science fiction, but Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s newest recovery tool — a cryosauna — is located right off Interstate 215 in Las Vegas. If you live in the area, and if you prioritize the recovery process after a rigorous workout — and if you don’t mind braving some rather cold temperatures — then the cryosauna might also be for you.

In a video posted to Mayweather Jr.’s Facebook page, the fighter is shown being the first person to use the cryosauna at SubZero Recovery in Las Vegas.

So, what exactly is the cryosauna? For starters, it looks like a metal capsule. And inside of the capsule, it gets extremely cold.

According to SubZero Recovery CEO Dave Levi, it’s a therapy method that replaces an ice bath.

“This will give you that initial shock where you instantly freeze, it will oxygenate your blood, pickup enzymes,” Levi explains in the video. “It actually gets much colder than an ice bath.”

According to Levi, the difference in temperature is substantial. An ice path typically gets as cold as 40 degrees fahrenheit, while the cryosauna can drop the temperature all the way down to -240 degrees. The cryosauna is able to get so cold because of liquid nitrogen, which is tubed into the machine.

Mayweather Jr. is seen entering the machine for the first time. Not long after, the fighter exits the chilled cylinder. In the video, Levi explains what is taking place inside Mayweather Jr.’s body.

“When you step out of the machine … those enzymes, the proteins in your blood — the oxygenated blood — will flow back out, and it’ll heal whatever it is,” Levi says. “If you have joint pain, if you have soreness in your muscles from working out — that’s kind of what we’re hoping to do for Floyd because we know he works out so hard every day…”

Levi is hoping his facility will help Mayweather Jr. achieve “peak performance” on May 2.