Floyd Mayweather -220 Degree Cryotherapy Bath To Heal Aches and Pains

floyd cryotherapy

Floyd Mayweather will do anything to beat Manny Pacquiao … even subject himself to -220 degree nitrogen gas during Cryotherapy sessions … intended to heal his body.

TMZ Sports spoke to David Levi … owner of SubZero Recovery in Vegas … who tells us Floyd makes daily … and sometimes nightly … trips to his business for the insanely cold therapy.
The Cryo sessions last 90 seconds to 3 minutes … and according to Levi, it helps to enrich blood, expel toxins and also does a bunch of other cool stuff.

“Floyd comes in every day,” Levi said, “I’m used to getting calls at 3 or 4AM with Floyd asking me to open the facility so he can use the machine.”

As for the misery of sitting in -220 degree cold … “Floyd hates getting in, but he knows what it does for him, so he tolerates it.”

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